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Message from the CSI Executive Director

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website. I sincerely hope that you will find answers for the many questions you have about the Civil Service Institute (CSI) and the many programs and services that it offers.

The CSI, being the training arm of the Civil Service Commission for the bureaucracy, has been steadily making its mark as CSC’s primary engine in achieving its vision to become Asia’s leading centre in strategic HR and OD.

When CSI was launched in 2011, a strong partnership with government agencies especially the LGUs was established. The First 20 Provinces, being the first recipients of Local Scholarship Program (Modified) became our strategic partners in HR transformation in the local bureaucracy.

In 2012, CSI defined its position as the chief process owner in HR and organization development. CSI introduced research-based HR reforms in the CSC through global partnerships and training programs that address the needs of government HRMPs, division chiefs and executives.

In 2013, we began conducting an array of HR/OD programs that aim to harness the strength and skills of HRMOs, and executives and managers towards organizational effectiveness and productivity. Of course, we will continue to grow through our new business process and brand, which will serve as the basis for consolidating our strength internally and securing our birth right in HRD in the public sector.

Each and every year, we will pour our heart and effort into not only enhancing our brand value but also becoming a brand worthy of the growing trust and confidence placed by our customers. We will be true to our promise, CSI. Shaping the Servant Hero Towards Public Service Excellence.

Arthur Luis P. Florentin